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3 Days
Setup 2 Engaging Facebook + Insta Ads
Result Driven Advanced SEO Monthly Service
30 Days
Result Driven Monthly SEO Service
Press Release Distribution Service
15 Days
Press Release Distribution Service
5 Days
Design 10 Attractive Social Media Post
Increase Domain Authority DA50+
30 Days
Increase Website Domain Authority DA50+
Set Up High ROI Google Ads
3 Days
Set up 2 Profitable Google Ads Campaign
Increase Domain Rating 50+
5 Days
Increase Domain Rating 50+
Get DoFollow Backlink From Amazon DA98
4 Days
Get DoFollow Backlink from Amazon DA98

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Explore Our Services


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Hire Us For

Individual tasks: One-time jobs that require a professional to get the job done.

  • Design social media posts that brew engagement.
  • Plugin installations on various platforms to make your work easy.
  • UI/UX design review of your website for a sleeker performance.

Projects: Tasks and jobs that can be completed by specialists in a short timespan.

  • Website development,
  • Facebook & Insta Ads for greater exposure,
  • Google Ads to get all organic traffic through your funnel.

Short & Long Term Contracts: Services that require a dedicated team month on month.

  • Monthly SEO of a website to rank number 1 on the Google
  • Website maintenance for a smooth error-free website.

World of Digital Services at your Fingertips

Digital Services Simplified
If you’re new to the world of digital services, we understand that you might be overwhelmed by all kinds of things. Rest assured, however. At stints, we’ve managed to eliminate complexity from the process. There’s no learning curve for you. You only have to put forward your requirements. We will make sure that we understand them to the full.

4.9 Average User Rating
User ratings are our strength and trust factor. They drive our hard work. We strive to take it as nearer as possible to a complete 5-star rating and by the looks of it, we have been successful in our task. Currently, our ratings are soaring at a 4.9 average.

Quality Work At Low Costs
We focus on keeping our rates competitive while increasing the quality of our work. Our low-cost, high-quality services have gained momentum over time and delivered complete digital solutions to companies and individuals alike.

Dedicated Managers For Your Projects And Contracts
We assign dedicated managers for your projects and contracts to act as a liaison between us. Their experience helps them to understand and execute requirements to your satisfaction.

Growing Your Business
At stints, we believe in going the extra mile to establish your digital presence and take care of it in the nascent stages until it is well established. For a well-established business, we intend to apply our expertise in order to expand it to newer horizons.

Your One-stop For 100’s Of Digital Services
The digital sphere is being populated at a higher rate. There’s more competition than before. With our 100’s of services, you can ace the challenges and emerge as the leader of your industry.

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  • Pay Per Stint for services that rocket your business up and beyond

    Digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and PPC marketing – you name it, we have it all to help you grow your business one Stint at a time.

    What makes us different?
    We free you from all the clutter – hoards of unnecessary categories that distract you. Instead, we deal in just important categories that make up the bigger chunk of what makes a business successful.
    The first impression is the last impression. This cliche is, well, cliche, but it holds a lasting lesson. If your business does not appeal to the eyes, it won’t make a lasting impression. Your customers will take you for granted. And your sales will plummet.
    Do not take our word for it, and look at the brands around you – they all scream color, eye-catching designs, and most of all, ingenuity in making their products stand out. You could use that ingenuity as well. And that’s where our design category can help you. From logo designs to brochures, flyers, and package designs, our freelance community has vetted and time tested skills to fill colors into your imaginations. In the end, what you get is a design that’s a realization of your brand’s persona.
    Online ads (PPC) & Marketing
    Everyone should hear about your clear vision and mission of bringing change in your respective niche. Banging drums for it or standing atop a building shouting at the top of your voice would do no good. This is a digital era. And you need to market your stuff by using its norms. Our Online ads or PPC Marketing is a category where you’ll find the right people for the right kind of marketing. Let’s be honest. Your business needs to get its word out there and what could be better than using Google, Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media for that matter? We’ve Stints for each one of them. All you’ve to do is visit our Online ads and Marketing category and make the most of them.
    Search Engine Optimization has gradually become the soul and heart of any marketing campaign of a business.
    So, if you fail to incorporate this efficient means of letting Google take your word to your prospects, your business might not see the light it deserves. There’s no rocket science here. Google furnishes some 70,000 search requests per second, according to HubSpot. Even if you take the maths out of it, this kind of volume should give you an idea of the kind of reach a search engine can provide you. Of course, Google is the leading search engine, and most of your energy should be invested there. And one way to get a nod from it is to get a vote from an authority website. We’ve loads of these websites waiting for you in our Stints in the SEO category. Get links from DA92 websites, write an engaging press release on the likes of NBC and FOX News, increase TF score, or just have a monthly SEO service for a low price. We’ve got you covered in bases that matter.
    Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing at its best. The power of social media cannot be ruled out. Yes, it’s true that it doesn’t have any direct link with SEO, but Google uses social shares as one of the indirect indicators. Besides, Google or not, you’d want to tap into the potential of social media because billions of people regularly use them. Almost all of those platforms have one thing in common: Community interaction. Users communicate with each other and that communication results in meaningful interactions – something that businesses like yours can take benefit from.
    Our Social Media Marketing category could be the crown jewel of your digital marketing strategy. From searching for effective hashtags to optimizing your website for social media visits, and other indispensable things like targeting social signals, creating amazing designs, and explaining your message in short robust whiteboard videos, this category can help you lead social media users right into your sales funnel. So, hop on the train to success and reap all the benefits we offer in the form of our Stints.
    Remember, we’re only a few clicks away from here.

    Our success so far: Since we run a boutique digital marketplace that is only dedicated to the digital aspects of marketing a business, we’ve gathered specific attention. Just 4 categories so far and we’re already making waves in the industry. We’ve more than 60 service. Specific to fulfilling your needs, our 60+ services are premium and tailored to the likings of the industry. They include Stints that take your business from an unknown corner to the other side of the tunnel where there’s light and waving prospects. 110 members and counting. Over a few months, our members have grown from a few to hundreds. They are skilled, dedicated, and familiar with the ins and outs of the digital sphere. They understand our work ethics and therefore, burn the candle at both ends when it comes to satisfying your needs.
    4.9 overall rating.

    How do you know if a company is worthwhile? You look at its ratings. We’ve amassed a staggering 4.9 out of 5 ratings. We’re proud of the hard work of our members and the generosity of our clients. On Stints.in, hard work pays off both ways.
    How to order a Stint?
    We’ve made the ordering process entirely easy and seamless so that India’s best digital services are only a few clicks away.
    Here’s how you can order them.

    1. After visiting our website, you select a category from the drop-down menu right below the banner. You did come across it on the way down here!
    2. Let’s say you chose Design. As soon as the page loads, you’ll see our best Stints displayed in that category.
    3. Simply choose what you like from the list and read its Description and reviews to make an informed decision. The next time you want to order the same Stint, you can directly add it to your cart and receive the same service as you did before.
    4. After making your choice, you checkout successfully and securely. The timer starts and at the end of the stipulated time, you receive your order just like that.
    These 4 steps make our platform suitable for novices as well as experts. We’ve made it simple because we know your time is precious and invested in multiple areas at the same time.
    We do not want to be another burden on your senses.
    Instead, we want to ease your job and take your business to new unfathomable heights as soon as possible.
    So, why not join us now for a better future?
    Go ahead and choose from one of our categories to excel at digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and PPC marketing all at once.
    Our Stints will always be active to receive your orders and our members will always be eager to help you out.
    Join us now by using either your Facebook or Google credentials or create a new account at your will and embark on a journey to a better future of your business.